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"It's all about trust, companionship, love and, oddly enough, scarecrows, dolphins and porn."

Welcome to The Kakairu Livejournal Community, the place for fans of Kakashi and Iruka from Masashi Kishimoto's manga/anime series Naruto!

This community supports the romantic relationship of two male fictional characters. If you are unfamiliar with the term yaoi or if you are uncomfortable with its nature, please refrain from joining the community. Please be advised that while membership is not moderated, some materials posted on the community are rated NC-17 and discretion when viewing such posts will be appreciated.

Okay, obligatory disclaimers aside, the ultimate purpose of this community is about FANS COMING TOGETHER AND HAVING FUN. :) We are a friendly community and you can post just about anything you want, as long as it is related to Kakashi, Iruka, and the Naruto series. Feel free to advertize your doujinshi sale or fanart contest or newest RPG community here, or fangirl the latest Kakashi appearance in the anime and the significance of that cute blush on Iruka's face when he first talked to Kakashi. Post your fanfictions and fanart and doujinshi or any fannish media you have, because the community is also about SHARING. If you're unsure, take a look at the community posts in the past few weeks and see what kind of things people have been up to. To search for a fic or fic recommendations, please use the KakaIru Fic Search thread.

  ✔ Post icons you created from online fanart, crediting the artist and providing a link back to his/her website in your entry.
  ✔ Use icons made from online fanart as your usepic, with explicit credit to the artist (and the icon-maker if he/she asked for it) in your userpic keyword or comment.
  ✘ Direct-link a piece of art from the artist's website. ALWAYS post a link to DA/y-gallery entry or the splash/warning page instead.
  ✘ Redistribute online fanart unless permission from the original artist is given. You may, however, post a sample pic if you're looking for a certain artist, etc.
  ✘ advertise online forums/galleries with stolen fanart
  ✘ post music video slideshows created from online fanart

If you're unsure of where a piece of fanart is from and who it belongs to, please refrain from using it. But we have many Kakairu gurus in this community so you can always try your luck and ask! :)

Help us keep this community tidy and neat!

  ➊ When posting an entry, please make sure comment-screening is disabled, unless it is a deliberate act to keep certain information hidden (e.g. email address, vote, contest entry) and when you do so, please indicate the reason in your entry.
  ➋ Please LJ-cut all fanart (you can leave a thumbnail outside the cut if you wish), fanfiction, and text longer than one screen-page. You can find out how to use an LJ-cut here.
  ➌ If your post contains SPOILERS, please post it under an LJ-cut and give sufficient warning. If you're not sure whether something constitutes a spoiler, please put it under a cut anyway just to be safe.
  ➍ Please friend-lock all NC-17 materials and label them with [NC-17] in the entry subject and with the "nc-17" LJ tag. You can find out how to use the friend-lock function here.
  ➎ Please friend-lock all doujinshi and scanlation posts. Do not redistribute any of the scans without the consent of the person who scanned it. If you can, please help our collection grow and add the files to the community's ftp archive (click here for access information).
  ➏ Please use tags on your subject line when posting to the community such as: [Fanfic] [Drabble] [Fanart] [Video] [Doujinshi] [Scanlation] etc. There are no standardized tags that you must use, anything that tells us what the post is about at a glance will be nice. You can also add LJ tags to your posts, or you can leave it to the mod.
  ➐ It goes without saying that we all have to love and respect one another, but since the community has survived this long with miraculously little wank, I think we'll do just fine. :D
  ➑ Lastly, the is ONE RULE and THE ONLY RULE that you MUST FOLLOW. And that is ENJOY YOURSELF!!

MODS/OWNERS: ♛beckymariebeckerbelltomomichitatarizilla
ACTING MOD: ♛vescas You can contact me at vescas [at] gmail [dot] com or PM me if you have any specific questions or concerns you'd like to discuss with me privately.

Contact a mod to see your contest/activity here! :)
  ➲ Request a Translation! (Sorry, Members Only)
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  ➲ 100 Ways to Fall In Love
  ➲ Round Robin Challenge - Three Weeks Later

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