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KakaIru Only Doujin Event!!!
Naruto - KakaIru fans don't care about c
pastles wrote in kakairu


There will be a KakaIru only doujin event happening in Japan on May 07 2017

If you are in Japan during that time, and would like to go to the event or hang out so we can squee together, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!!! :D I AM TOTALLY A FANGIRL NORMAL, I PROMISE :D :D :D :D :D

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o/ I'll be there. It's been on my calendar for months. Haven't been able to go to the others in the past for various reasons, so have definitely been making it a priority this time.

I've actually been debating about posting about it here or not, so I'm glad someone else did. ;)

Please meet up so I can flail at you in real life too :D :D :D :D :D

I haven't decided yet whether I'll do the get there early and wait in line thing or just show up a little later and not deal with the lines (honestly might just depend on the weather that day), but either way I'd be up for a post-porn buying lunch or something. :D

Ah, I've never been to events (well, except that ONE time to natsu comiket Sunday) in Japan before so I'm not sure how early the lines will start, also, my friend mentioned that it might not only be KI there and more like there is a whole KI section at a larger event but my fangirl ass will be there really early hahahaahahaha (Well, I"m not too sure to be honest, it would depend on what time I wake up and how long it'll take for me to put on my prep make up)

But yes :> Let's do post-porn buying lunch/tea/food

If you use LINE: pam.the.great XD

Edited at 2017-02-15 10:51 am (UTC)

There are at least 10 different only events taking place at the same time and place, so yeah, there will just be a section set aside for KakaIru on one of the two floors. Wander too far and you'll get like basketball instead of ninjas. For other events at the same place I've gone about two hours early and that put me towards the front of the line. There are pros and cons to both ways, but it's nice being able to sit down with the pamphlet and figure out where everything is before the doors open and the craziness starts. Unless it's raining, then it's not so nice. ^__^;;

Will LINE you tomorrow. ^__^b

I wish I could go...
Glad that this is on. Because, it means that KakaIru is still pretty much alive. ^_^

And to those who are lucky to be around: Share some photos, guys!

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