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otaku490 wrote in kakairu
Hi! I'm new on the community and I was wondering if someone can tell me any good fics with Iruka as a female. Can someone help me? ^^ 

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there's only a few of them out there, seeing as how we're a yaoi community we normally like our boys as boys XD

I can recommend checking last April 1st's archives as we had a KakaIru yuri day and the fem fics flew XD but then.. it turned yuri instead of yaoi.

Out of that day came a really good one by Blue Iceland

The best one I've come across is called, "Yanki Girls are So Hardcore" but Iruka isn't the only one who has switched genders!
Here's the index page

Thanks!!! And fics with mpreg?....
(kakairu of course)...

Omg, Mission's Gift is the best one! (It's by my beta, Kita-the-spaz) Here's the master post

~blushes profusely~ Um, thanks...

*huggles Kita* It really is good! now, I just might finish one of my one shots soon, but I have to leave for work now and I'm not sure.

~still blushing~ Thank you.

I look forward to seeing it when you are ready to send it my way!

There's this one mPreg fic that was never finished but I still really liked it. I'm trying really hard to remember the name but I'm drawing a blank. Maybe someone else knows...? Sorry, that wasn't much help at all.

lol Nevermind, I found it. Here it is. It's called Side Effects and it's both Iruka as a woman and mPreg.

When I was doing my "First Encounters" AU comic with Iruka as a girl an EXTREMELY sweet person wrote me an arc for it. D: I love this person, with all my heart. <3 Just as much as I love Kita for writing the beginning of Kaigan's story! TT^TT

Here are links to the stories. They revolve around Anbu Kakashi giving fem!Iruka flowers with meanings behind them. ( Here's a link to the stories) The first story she wrote was "The First Meeting" and was based off this comic of mine --> (It's badly drawn...sorries D: sorries it was my first attempt at a comic)

>: I know people don't like Iruka being turned into a girl, but I frequently change their genders. My favorite way is to make them both female :D YURI FTW <3 (And I've made a few fem!Kakashi male!Iruka pictures to accompany the Fem!Iruka and Male!Kakashi pictures, but never got around to making them into full blown pictures....errrrrrr sorry to babble on like this. D: I'll stop now! )


Boy, I'm getting luffled on in this thread! ~glomps Beasie~

Seriously, doll, if there's more of his backstory you want me to write just PM me and give me the basic idea and I will!

Thanks!!!!! However you draw very well!!!

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