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Fic: Knock on Wood Konoha Prologue and Chapter
Last of the Princes
So.... this is my first post to this community, I've been lurking around for a while but only recently got up the courage to start posting my story here.

Title: Knock on Wood Konoha
Rating: Will be Adult
Genre: Mystery, action
Main relationships: Iruka/Kakashi, Naruto/Sasuke
Summary: Naruto makes a dangerous choice to protect someone he cares about and finds allies he never knew he had. Meanwhile, a string of resurrections bring the past to the forefront and forces old hatreds into the present and Iruka struggles with the family legacy left to him. Now they must find a way to save Konoha from annihilation.

Anyway, if you are interested in reading it you can find the first five chapters here!

Does anyone know this doujinshi?
I've been trying to find it, but I can't.. Two kunoichi's have a crush on Kakashi and ask Iruka about it not knowing that they are lovers. Iruka gets upset. There was a scene when he was sitting opposite of Kakashi beside Asuma and when asked why he was sitting next to Asuma(And not me!) Iruka replies that he can see his face better from there. If you guys know, please tell me. ><

For Once, At Last

Since I don't know if and when my KakaIru muse will strike again, I'd like to bring you one small last(?) offer and take this opportunity to thank this community for the last few years of fangirling, discussing Iruka's once-in-100-chapters-appearances, praying for Kakashi's survival, developing crazy origin stories together, reading all those awesome stories and throwing the huge fests, which have always been a blast! :)

You're really the most welcoming, friendly and awesome fandom I've ever encountered.

And I remember lurking here a few years back and shaking my head at all those glomping going on, because I just couldn't believe a fandom could be this nice for real. And then I made the jump straight in and it was exactly as awesome as it appears.

Thanks to all of you and see you around!

[Because even if the manga ended we're still waiting for one big reveal...]



[Fic] With this Ring...(ch.9)
Kakashi + Iruka
Finally, an update!

Title: With This Ring…
Summery: Iruka reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage in order to save his adopted family from financial ruin...and is horrified when Hatake Kakashi rises to the offer.
Rating: PG-13, rating may go up
Genre: AU/Canon, Arranged Marriage, eventual romance.
Notes: Special thanks and dedication goes to Anon for finding my Prompt on kakairu_kink

Ch.9: A Solid Foundation

The Story from the Beginning

[Fic] Hadopelagia, 2/?
Movies // Close Encounters
Hadopelagia by R.C. McLachlan
Rating: R
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Tags: Canon divergence, gratuitous misuse of mythology, slow build
Summary: Never turn your back on the sea.

But then there’s the brush of butter-soft leather against his fingers, a hesitance in the touch that makes Iruka’s eyes prickle in something other than bitter resentment for a change. Every universe comes to a trembling standstill and then slides into one another; the only thing of note in this new, converged world is the gentle way the hand of a killer holds his own.

Read it on AO3

Kakashi Might Be Hokage
Kakashi seems to be Hokage in the last Naruto movie. Different sites have differet dates as to when this movie takes place some say it's two years after the manga and others say ten / fifteen years.

Naruto The Last


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Searching for a doujinshi
Hi Everyone,
This is my first post in the community so first I'll introduce myself: my name is Khira, I'm a big fan of yaoi, Naruto and Kakairu, and I'm spanish :)
I wanted to ask you something. I saw this picture by chance:

and I'm intrigued about the right picture in the center, the one where Kakashi is holding Iruka's arm. Do you know what doujinshi is from? Because I don't and I really would like to read it :)

Fanfiction: K-ranked Mission
nessun- confusion n mind
Hi All,

I hope your day is going well. I come bearing another fic.

Title: K-ranked Mission

Summary: The ranking and assignment of missions ranked D-A are normally handled by the trained professionals at the mission desk while A and S-ranked missions are handled by the Hokage himself. Hatake Kakashi, jounin, is outside the village when he realizes this particular mission is K-ranked.

Rating: MA to be on the safe side.

Happy Tuesday!

Recherché - In The Beginning
Recherché, a fancy French word that means something very rare, exotic, choice or arcane.

Such a weird and yet appropriate title for the story of an aeon who roams the earth, the undead who feasts upon the living, and the one man who will stop at nothing to slay him. Inspired in part by Bram Stoker's Dracula, as well as the now cancelled television series of the same name; what follows is the product of a warped imagination. There will be brief mentions of violence, and blood. Set in Konoha during the late 1800s, so this is decidedly AU.    Iruka/Kakashi.

Fanfiction: Another Perfect Wonder Chapter 49
nessun- confusion n mind
Hi All,

Chapter 49 is up. Another Perfect Wonder Chapter 49 or start from the beginning Another Perfect Wonder Chapter 1

Happy Wednesday!

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