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25 Days of Kisses
Happy Holidays!
KakaIruFans on dA is hosting a 25 days of kisses prompt list for December.
We know this time of year gets really busy for everyone, so we thought we'd take a little break from contests and just do a fun little prompt list this year.

Someone on Tumblr mentioned 25 days of KakaIru kisses and it sounded like such a great idea we thought we'd make a fun prompt list if you were interested in joining in.

While it'd be great to see all of these on the day listed, you're welcome to fill the list in any order and at any time. If you're ahead, good for you! If you think you're behind, don't worry we'll still be just as excited to read it when it's done!

If you want to post to AO3, I've made a collection for you to post to:

If you're on tumblr use the #kkir25 tag so that we can do a daily collective post.

So without further ado, here are 25 KakaIru Kiss prompts for this December and Holiday season.

Day 1 - First Kiss
Day 2 - Greeting Kiss
Day 3 - Accidental Kiss
Day 4 - Blow a Kiss
Day 5 - Kiss on the Cheek
Day 6 - Kiss on the Shoulder
Day 7 - Kiss while partner is sleeping
Day 8 - Unwanted Kiss
Day 9 - Waiting to be Kissed
Day 10 - Surprise Kiss
Day 11 - "You're Safe/alive" Kiss
Day 12 - Upside down Kiss
Day 13 - Deflected Kiss
Day 14 - Kiss on a Dare
Day 15 - Kiss while being 'carried'
Day 16 - Pulled into a Kiss
Day 17 - Jealous Kiss
Day 18 - Sneaking a Kiss while no one is looking
Day 19 - Missing a Kiss
Day 20 - Kiss on the Hand
Day 21 - Comforting while crying Kiss
Day 22 - Angry Kiss
Day 23 - Public Kiss
Day 24 - Mistletoe Kiss
Day 25 - New Years Kiss

This is for any medium...writing, drawing, podfic, giftsets, no boundaries!

Doujinshi Search (sorry to bother y'all)
Sorry to be a bother, but my hard drive died recently(ish, about a year ago) and I've been trying to rebuild my saved files ever since. There's one doujinshi I can't remember the name or artist/author of, *or* any relevant search words that would actually help me. That's where I'm hoping someone on here might be able to help!

The story starts with Kakashi seeking Irukka out in his classroom and finding Iruka dressed in a button-down collared shirt and slacks instead of the regular shinobi attire. (I think there was some mention of Sandaime giving it to him as a gift.) It pretty quickly devolves into sexual shenanigans, with Kakashi dragging Iruka down into a psuedo sex-ed themed romp around the classroom ('show me how to put the condom on, sensei' etc,etc...).

*But* I remember at some point Kakashi says he likes seeing Iruka in the different clothes because it reminds him of an imekura, because I had to look to word up to believe it was real. And also that Iruka despairs at the end because he's let Kakashi use him to defile his classroom.

That's about all I can remember for plot and clues, and I'd really appreciate any help in finding it because combing the archives of various sites is taking me forever and I'm one of those people that just can't let something go until it's finished.

Thank you in advance for your time!
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(FIC) Our Moments: Chapter 2
Title: Our Moments
Rating: T
Pairings: KakaIru
Summary: Turning points of the relationship between Kakashi and Iruka since the death of the Third Hokage until the end of the manga. Yaoi.
A/N: And here the second chapter. I hope you liked it.

NEW HALLOWEEN COSTUME! Come and join if you want.


Deadline: Now - November 10

Theme: Anko is hosting the annual halloween costume party and Kakashi/Iruka attend together for the first time as a pair. What do they come as?

Full-artist control aside from the theme. Click the link for more info!

Hi guys, Once I read a KakaIru doujinshi about young anbu Kakashi and young Iruka. The story about red moon and I remember that a part of the story Iruka said he like Kakashi silver hair or something like that.

I like this story but I can't find it T-T

Our Moments (Fanfiction)

Title: Our Moments
Rating: T
Pairings: KakaIru
Summary: Turning points of the relationship between Kakashi and Iruka since the death of the Third Hokage until the end of the manga. Yaoi.

Notes: This is my first Kakairu story. I originally wrote it in Spanish (still in process), and now I’m going to translate it into English with the help of my beta Merley (thank you so much!).

Happy Belated Birthday Kakashi
Every year for the past ten years, around the middle of September, as he sat by the wall, he’d pull out the same oil-cloth covered bundle from his utility pouch, carefully unfolding its yellow stained corners as he slugged down the first of many shots of sake.

Everybody knew him and of course, so did I -- this was Sakumo’s whelp, Sharingan no Kakashi, elite ninja … cruel assassin … sensei. 

But here in this place, I knew him as simply a man … a man with more memories and dark secrets than friends – a man who silently cursed the years that swept past him like a whirlwind.

Every year, around the middle of September, he’d stroll into this, a dodgy civilian bar, take up the last stool by the wall and spread out the pictures that told the story of his life.  I  never got close enough to ask him who those people were … though I recognized a few; never dared ask what they meant to him and why his grief was still so fresh after all this time.

A short one-shot - Read more here

English beta
Hi everyone!
I'm writing a kakairu fic in Spanish and I would like to know if there is anyone interested in help me to translate it to English. I've already translate the first chapter but I need a beta to revise it.
If there is anyone interested, please send me a message. My e-mail is:

[FIC] Pygmy II: Chapter 6
Trafalgar - cute~
Title: Pygmy II
Chapter: 6 - You're about as useful as a one-legged man at an arse kicking contest
Pairing: KakaIru
Notes: Welp! That only took 2 years to finish! Hopefully farting out the next and final chapter (maybe?!) won't take as long!

MizuIru/KakaIru stories?
Hi guys, I'm looking for KakaIru stories where we have a Mizuki mention for Iruka which is a big part of the story. It can be either a past friendship or romantic, I don't mind, though I prefer friendship. Any recomendations?


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