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KakaIru Fest Summer 2015: Month of KakaIru!!
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HEY please check out THIS POST for more information and the prompt list. You can also follow us on Tumblr: Mod | Fest

KakaIru Fest Summer 2015: Month of KakaIru!!
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We've started up the Summer Round; it's meant to be low pressure and fun, so please consider taking part!

KakaIru Fest Summer Round 2015
Hey! We need a little help in deciding what to do for the Summer Round; please take this typeform poll:


It'll be up for a few weeks, and help us plan. Thank you!

[Fic] Hadopelagia, parts 5 and 6
Misc // Collage 2

Hadopelagia by R.C. McLachlan
Rating: R
Word count: 51,039 (thus far)
Pairing: Kakashi/Iruka
Tags: Canon divergence, gratuitous misuse of mythology, slow build
Summary: A forgotten sea gives birth to a continuation at the tattered edge of all things.

… he shattered like glass under Kakashi’s skin, a million shards of Umino Iruka—each one a new thing to learn, a new facet. Almost a decade later and Kakashi is still finding new pieces.

He’ll never be rid of him, not when he sees Iruka putting his students through their paces on the training field with a wide, proud smile on his face; when he passes Iruka in the market talking to each vendor like an old friend; when he stands before the Mission Desk and suffers Iruka’s dissatisfaction with his reports because apparently there’s a correlation between legible handwriting and one’s worth as a shinobi; when he watches Iruka tuck the boy who holds the Nine-Tails under his arm like an older brother would and treat him to a feast of kings.

When he sees Iruka stop suddenly on the street and turn to stare up with visible longing at the Monument, and is suddenly a boy himself, again, terrified and covetous of the easy acceptance and friendship of a stranger.

And after ten years—


After the match, after he watches Sasuke walk out of the arena with shoulders held just a bit lower under the weight of a new rank, Kakashi will man up—slip past the wards around a sparsely-furnished apartment, come up quietly to the Memorial Stone in the hush before night falls, ask for a private audience in the Mission Room, slide open the door to a classroom empty of all but one—and explain everything.

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Recherché - Shoulda . . . Coulda . . . Didn't
Ever have one of those days when you wish you could press a 'rewind' button and get a 'do over' for the entire day?

Yea, so do these guys in Recherche Chapter Six:

[Fic] With This Ring... (chapter 10)
Kakashi + Iruka
Title: With This Ring…
Summery: Iruka reluctantly agrees to an arranged marriage in order to save his adopted family from financial ruin...and is horrified when Hatake Kakashi rises to the offer.
Rating: PG-13, rating may go up
Genre: AU/Canon, Arranged Marriage, eventual romance.
Notes: Special thanks and dedication goes to Anon for finding my Prompt on kakairu_kink

Ch. X: The Walls Around Us

The Story from the Beginning

Your KakaIru story
Hey all,

I was posting an old fic to my Ao3 account, and had a thought about how I got into the Kakashi x Iruka fandom. Which led me to a fun little game I hope someone will want to play with me.

Okay... so not really a game, just sharing circle time.

I want to hear how you got into this fandom, and if you feel like sharing, what makes you love it so much?

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Scanlation: Rennai no Susume by Halco at SHAZAM
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Finally its finished! Please download and enjoy ^_^ Happy late/early whatever!!!

Title :: Rennai no Susume (Love's Recommendation)
Artist :: Halco
Rating :: NC17
Language :: English
Scanner/Proofer/QC :: unjaundiced
Translater :: ree_rhea
Editor :: evilnobara

Is it bad that...?
Upon seeing the full cast image for the stage play, all my eyes could focus on was the lower right hand corner of the image...

More specifically, this part?
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[PICTURE] Did you guys play Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3?
al and ranmaru
Hi, actually it's my first time posting here but I want to share you guys about Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 when Naruto meeting Kakashi and Iruka at Ichiraku Ramen.

There’s heart at both shinobi head before Naruto approach them. Look like they are dating neh?

I don’t know my wild imagination is way too wild gosh!

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